Cabinet to receive new draft policy for importation of chicken neck and back


Cabinet is to receive a report on Monday on the new policy for the importation of chicken neck and back.

Agriculture Minister Floyd Green on Thursday told Parliament’s Standing Finance Committee that an investigation has been completed.

Last year, the Integrity Commission recommended in a report that the Agriculture Ministry halt the issuing of chicken neck and back import permits under current arrangements.

The report hinted at duty evasion, as well as glaring instances of lack of transparency and fairness in the issuing of permits.

Mr. Green said a draft import policy was prepared following consultations with stakeholders and will be taken to Cabinet next week.

While he did not give details on the new policy, he said it will give more clarity on how persons can qualify to import the products, what it means if they qualify, as well as how the regime will be managed.

He noted that ministry’s approach will look at “food security, food safety and what we need to ensure that our population has access to protein at reasonable costs.”