Craig Butler Alleges Assault from Son & Abuse from Wife; Wishes for Resolution to Family Drama


Lawyer representing, the father of Under 23 footballer Kyle Butler says, his client wishes for a resolution that helps the family as a whole.

Attorney At Law, Christopher Townsend, is representing, Craig Butler, who’s been accused by his son Kyle of assaulting him recently and who further alleged years of abuse.

Craig Butler is the controversial Phoenix All-Star Academy Founder.

A criminal investigation was reportedly launched after Kyle Butler filed a report with the Police in St. Andrew.

Kyle Butler has also retained Queen’s Counsel Tom Tavares Finson, to act on his behalf.

Mr. Townsend says the father has also filed an assault complaint against Kyle.

However, he says Craig is willing and will sit down with his son to settle the issue amicably.

Meanwhile, Mr. Townsend also says his client alleges he’s been physically abused by his spouse, Sophia Smith Butler.

This after Mrs. Smith Butler came out in support of her son’s statements regarding the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of his father.

In a social media post she stated that while unwilling to speak out at this time, Mrs. Smith Butler has suggested that she herself was abused.

However, Mr. Townsend says Mr. Butler can also point to abuse by his spouse.