DEAR THERAPIST: I Have A Woman Who Just Won’t Pay Her Bills


Dear Therapist,

My girlfriend has a job that pays her well but she just wouldn’t pay her bills.
Instead, she invests in Brazilian weaves and expensive clothes.

She would take loans at Fast Cash and other places but renege on her payments.

And because I love her I would clear those debts.
Nobody in Jamaica has more clothes, shoes, makeup, and handbags than her.

I like a woman who takes care of herself but she just hates paying her bills and I have to end up paying them.

JPS; internet…once it’s disconnected she comes crying and I run and pay it.
Sometimes I feel she’s using me but I don’t know. I’m just concerned that such a beautiful; intelligent, well put together woman like that can live this way.


Hello Bae

I’m sorry that you’re faced with this situation but I think it’s time you put a pause on paying this woman’s bills.

It’s because she knows you pick up the slack every time that she is refusing to be responsible.

This also shows signs of manipulation which is toxic if you intend to have a sustainable relationship.

Any woman who loves you won’t go on like that.

This woman needs to decide on what’s important to her but you shouldn’t have to suffer financially while she’s trying to make her mind up.