DEAR THERAPIST: My Daughter Sleeps With Men For Money


My daughter sleeps with men for money and it is breaking my heart.

She just turned 20 and she told me she had an evening job at some club in Portmore. I always told her to be careful and I asked to see where she work but she never told me.

I found out later that she isn’t working at that club and instead she is hanging outside that place and hooking up with men, having sex for little money. I say this because she is always broke. She sleeps in the day but “work” in the night. I am worried about her. I want to speak to her but I am afraid.


Dear Afraid,

Since your daughter is not underaged, there’s not real action you can take. She is consenting to having sex with these men for money. I think however you can raise your concern with her, let her know how you feel and the implications to being a prostitute.

Let her know there are diseases and with all what’s going on, surely you can’t trust every man who waves a dollar at you. This is a dangerous life.

Speak with her and hope that she decides to take on another profession.