Dear Therapist: My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like To Bathe


Dear Therapist,

I have a situation and maybe you might find it funny but it really isn’t.
My girlfriend doesn’t shower regularly. I honestly don’t know if she’s afraid of water.

And while I know we have a water situation in my area, I think using baby wipes to clean oneself; especially a woman doesn’t make much sense to me.

I never really take any bad smell on her because she uses wipes to clean herself and between her thighs. But water needs to run down somebody’s body.


When I ask her about it she says water scarce but the thought of her not showering regularly makes me feel reluctant to go down south.

I find myself not having sex with her and doing it with someone else.

It has got to the point where I feel like I’m falling in love with her (the other woman).
I love my woman but this bathing thing might cost me my three-year relationship.

Do you think I should leave her for good?

Water Man

Hello Water Man,

Only you know what you really want.

I cannot advise you to leave your woman. But clearly, you are already on the verge of leaving because you are already cheating.

You shouldn’t have to beg anyone to practice proper hygiene.

A woman should know to take care of herself because bathing is a natural part of life.

Wanting to save water isn’t a valid reason for not wanting to take a shower.

Water Man this is your life. You know what you can and cannot deal with.

The choice is really yours.