UNDER $1000: Brunch At Danya’s Coffee Barrel


For my first ‘UNDER $1000’ challenge, I was most excited to try out the fairly new cafe: Danya’s Coffee Barrel.

Under $1000 is a blog series under Jamaica News Portal that features cafes and restaurants around Jamaica, the experience and the meals purchased under $1000.

Personally, I usually spend more than a $1000 when I go to a cafe but I have put myself to the test because I really want to showcase just how affordable some of these cafes are….or not.

I go to cafes frequently and it is so easy to miss the thousands of dollars you spend on food at a cafe/restaurant monthly or even daily. So let’s see what they really have to offer when put to the $1000 challenge.

As mentioned earlier, the UNDER $1000 journey starts with Danya’s Coffee Barrel. This cafe is located in the Downtown corporate area on Harbour Street which I love because it’s close to the sea and it’s always windy.

The interior features a rustic decor complemented with red and light browns. It is a small arrangement with a row of stools at the window and additional seating in the back.

I prefer window seats in general, ideal for people-watching or just gazing on the downtown corporate architectures. The only drawback is the wooden stools lack back support.

Danya’s coffee barrel probable has the friendliest staff in the game, there is a certain ‘welcomeness’ felt when one opens the door. The coffee bar partners with Deaf Can Coffee which I like because I get to order my food in sign language which I would practice the night before.

Now for the Under $1000 challenge, I ordered a BLT sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) for $650 and an iced tea for $300.

The iced tea flavor brand selection was not my favorite (my favorite being Mighty Leaf tea brand) but I went with something minty and I actually enjoyed it.

The BLT sandwich was a classic toasted triple decker with the right bacon to lettuce/tomato ratio and I also enjoyed it considering I prefer my sandwiches not toasted.

All in all, it was a good meal for brunch with $50 to spare. I usually spend my time at cafes doing work like updating my websites and research, and I was able to do that comfortably for around an hour at Danya’s.

Although there is wifi and the perfect AC climate, it is not somewhere I would spend long hours at simply because of the window seat and its lack of back support. (They have better chairs but they aren’t at the window)

It is fair to say that Danya’s Coffee Barrel has conquered the UNDER $1000 challenge and the best part is there are more menu items that could pass under this challenge.

I do plan on doing multiple visits just to see the different kind of meals I can get under $1000 for brunch.

In the spirit of giving scores, I rate Danya’s Coffee Barrel 3.5 stars out 5. It is definitely a must-visit cafe if you’re in the Downtown Kingston area.